Pope Francis Talks About Protecting Moms and Babies

Pope Francis Talks About Protecting Moms and Babies

Hello little friends! Today, we have a story about someone very special, Pope Francis. He’s like a leader for many people, and he said some things about protecting moms and babies. Let’s find out what he said!

Pope Francis Message for 2024:

Pope Francis’s, who is a wise and caring leader, talked to some important people from different countries. He said that our world, where we all live, is facing some problems that can make it hard for everyone to be happy and peaceful.

Pope Francis Talks About Protecting Moms and Babies

Pope Francis Big Problems in the World:

Pope Francis mentioned some big problems like wars, issues about people moving from one place to another, problems with our Earth getting too hot (we call it climate crises), and making things that can hurt people (like weapons). These things make it difficult for everyone to live happily together.

A Not-So-Good Thing Called Surrogacy:

Now, Pope Francis’s also talked about something called “surrogacy.” This is when someone helps another person have a baby. But he thinks some people are doing it in a way that’s not good. He said it’s like using a mom and a baby for something not nice.

Why Pope Francis Doesn’t Like It:

Pope Francis’s said that using surrogacy in a way that hurts moms and babies is not good. He thinks it’s not right to treat a baby like a thing you can buy or sell. Babies are special gifts, not things for trading like toys!

Pope Francis’ Big Idea – A Ban on Surrogacy:

Guess what? Pope Francis’s had a big idea! He wants people from all around the world to say “No” to surrogacy that hurts moms and babies. He wants a rule (we call it a ban) that stops this from happening everywhere. It’s like making a big promise to protect babies and moms.

Pope Francis Words:

Pope Francis’s used strong words. He said he finds surrogacy “despicable,” which means really, really not good. He thinks it’s a bad thing because it hurts the dignity of moms and babies.

Why He Thinks It’s Bad:

He explained that some people use surrogacy in a way that’s not fair to moms. They might make them do it because they need money. Pope Francis’s’ says that’s not treating moms with dignity, and it’s not right.

Pope Francis’ Message to Everyone:

They are not things for buying or selling. He thinks it’s important for everyone to agree not to do surrogacy that hurts moms and babies.

Conclusion – Protecting Moms and Babies:

So, there you have it, little buddies! Pope Francis, our wise friend, wants us to protect moms and babies. He believes that everyone, no matter where they are, should agree not to do surrogacy that hurts anyone. Let’s remember that babies are special gifts, and moms deserve respect and kindness.